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Falls NC


North Carolina


2nd Edition

  * Completely Revised 2016

  * Updated Directions

  * New Falls Added

  * Expanded Information For Over 130 Falls

  * New Photos of Select Falls

  * Updated 2022

The first and only map to cover over 300 waterfalls throughout Western North Carolina. The falls are divided into two categories: Blue for higher beauty rating and ease of access and Red for lower beauty rating and more difficult access. On the back is a chart with detailed information and directions to 128 falls. Other features include:

  • Six detailed inset maps for areas that have a high concentration of falls

  • A detailed inset of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park

  • GPS coordinates for waterfalls and trailheads

  • 44 waterfall photographs, each keyed to their location on the map

  • Printed on waterproof / tear resistant paper

  • 100% designed, produced and printed in the USA

Front of the map showing waterfall locations (red and blue numbered dots) and more detailed insets of areas of high concentration of waterfalls.

Back of the map showing the Great Smoky Mountain National Park inset as well as 44 waterfall pictures and a chart detailing: type & height, trail length, trail rating, coordinates, as well as driving and hiking directions.

Sample inset

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