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Kim Riggins, Owner

Given my Dad’s love of nature, and growing up in the Piedmont area of the state, my family vacationed in Western North Carolina – a lot. We enjoyed many summer days on trails along the Blue Ridge Parkway. Some of my earliest memories are of splashing in cold mountain creeks and streams, dotted with moss covered rocks, and surrounded by rhododendrons and mountain laurel. It was a whole other world.


I mostly recall being intrigued by the profound beauty and power of waterfalls. My fondest memory is of clinging piggy-back to my Dad, like a scared little monkey, while he cautiously hiked a steep trail next to a rushing fall.


Those days, summers seemed endless. 

As an adult I moved about a bit, always enjoying the journey, but in 2004 found myself relocating from Charleston, SC to Asheville, NC. I was headed "home". An intense appreciation of the region, coupled with an entrepreneurial spirit, sparked my interest in the map publishing business when, in the summer of 2018, I was introduced to Larry Odoski and Outdoor Paths Publishing.


Who isn't drawn to mountains, maps, and the sense of adventure they elicit?

In October of 2018 Larry and his wife, Irene, passed the Outdoor Paths Publishing torch to me. ​I am honored to continue the legacy and respect the opportunity to serve their customers with the same enthusiasm and consideration as did they.

tonio's crabtree falls.JPG

Why The Turtle As Our Logo?

Symbolically, the Turtle has been representative of the earth and is our guide to respecting its many resources while also teaching us perseverance and patience.

One of the great creation stories in Native American literature tells of the time when there was only water, and no place for the people and animals to live. Turtle, the water mother, made a great sacrifice and let the first people pack mud on her back which grew and became known as Turtle Island, the land we now live on. Thus, many Native Americans call the North American Continent Turtle Island.


During our travels on the various 'outdoor paths' of the world, shall we heed the message of the Turtle and slow down so that we may enjoy and appreciate all that is around us.

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